Our No-Sale Promise: You'll find the same prices here 365 days a year :)

Our No-Sale Promise: You'll find the same prices here 365 days a year :)

5 Reasons to Create a Wholesale Account at VacationSleep.com

Are you a vacation property owner, property manager, or Airbnb host?

Signing up for Vacation Sleep’s wholesale account could be the most rewarding decision you make in 2022.

How Does It Work?

Our wholesale mattress program lets you save money on high-quality sleeping products and furniture, plus earn additional income from guests who want to experience the luxury of vacation-quality sleep at home.

Wholesale members enjoy various perks, including convenient & easy ordering, consistent mattress quality, and - best of all - wholesale prices! No more mattress shopping. 

Sound good?

You can create a Wholesale Account Online in less than a minute.


Mattress Sourcing is a Pain

For people who own vacation rental properties, sourcing mattresses can be a real pain in the butt. Not only is it hard to find a consistent supplier of good quality mattresses, it's also a huge hassle to the negotiate discounts you deserve.

When you buy at retail stores you're paying more and getting less. 

When you purchase mattresses for your rental properties from any retail store, you're paying top retail price. Mattresses have a steep markup at retail, with salespeople focused on whichever brand is paying them extra commissions that month. 

Plus, did you know that when you purchase at retail your warranty is immediately voided due to the commercial nature of its use?

Not at Vacation Sleep! 

Every mattress from Vacation Sleep comes with a free commercial warranty. This  protects your investment and makes it easy to handle any issues that may come up. As long as you're a wholesale member (which is free!) you're covered. 

Benefits of the Wholesale Account

Check out the reasons for vacation property owners to sign up for a free wholesale account and keep reading for the highlights. 

Wholesale Pricing

Join the wholesale program and enjoy the best industry pricing regardless of whether you purchase a single item or buy products in bulk. You’ll get 25% discounts on every item in your order. Vacation Sleep can meet your low or high volume capacity and backs your purchases with solid commercial warranties. You’ll never experience production or shipping delays as a wholesale account partner.

Exclusive Product Promotions

More perks? You get exclusive access to new sleeping products – mattresses, pillows, sheets and more - before they’re available to our retail customers. You’ll stay ahead of the pack!

Consistency in Quality

As a proudly American enterprise, we source premium-quality and USA-made sleeping products from top brand manufacturers. All wholesale orders are shipped domestic via FedEx Express, and we ship to the contiguous United States. For orders outside this range, contact us for ultra-low flat rate shipping arrangements. 

Free Express Shipping with Tracking

Never pay a dime to have your hotel, resort, Airbnb or VRBO mattress delivered to its destination. Wholesale account members enjoy free shipping from Vacation Sleep on every order. Ship to multiple locations so your products are delivered to each doorstep. As soon as your order ships, we'll send tracking so you can stay on top of logistics.

Free Property Marketing Kit

Once you've made your first purchase, we'll help you generate extra income! Guests love our beds, plain and simple. They'll rip off the sheets and find a way to contact us to buy one for their home -it happens all the time! We used this as an opportunity to make Vacation Sleep even more rewarding for our wholesale partners, and created a program that earns you 25% commission for every purchase your guests make. 

We'll create and ship a marketing kit for each one of your Vacation Sleep bedrooms. It's an easy way to help your guests shop, and creates an effortless 25% revenue stream for you.

Our kits feature a pillow card and bedside tent card, and we'll add a binder page if you use guest binders. These marketing materials feature a custom link and QR code that will link the customer to you for life. Your guest receives a 10% discount + free shipping, you get 25% commission and it's hands-free! We handle all the details for you -learn more here

Dedicated Support

Vacation Sleep has a wholesale concierge team to help with different aspects of wholesale programs from ordering to marketing tools to ordering and even shipping.

Savings + Loyalty

Earn loyalty points with every purchase on top of the wholesale discount.


Wholesale Account FAQs

Does Vacation Sleep charge fees to set up a wholesale account?

No, we don’t charge any fees to join the wholesale program. Fill out the wholesale account registration form and we can discuss the next steps.

What are the perks of a Vacation Sleep wholesale account?

Each member gets a 25% discount off of the retail price, free shipping on all their new mattress orders, and a commercial warranty for their mattress purchases.

Who can create a Vacation Sleep wholesale account?

If you operate or own hotels, motels, resorts, and short-term rental properties, you are eligible for the wholesale program.

Is registering a wholesale account a good idea?

Yes -see above. Don’t miss out on these perks!

How to Register as a Wholesale Partner

Simply follow these steps to Create a FREE Wholesale Account at VacationSleep.com

1. Go to https://vacationsleep.com/pages/ws-account-create

2. Fill out the online form quickly with the company name, email, Tax ID, phone number, and website address, and provide shipping details.

3. Submit the form.

4. Activate your account by click the email activation link




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