Our No-Sale Promise: You'll find the same prices here 365 days a year :)

Our No-Sale Promise: You'll find the same prices here 365 days a year :)

Making Money with Vacation Sleep's Property Partner Marketing Kits

Buying for a vacation rental property?

Managing a vacation rental property or a resort is one thing, and making money out of is another thing. You can drive up your revenue as a hotel or vacation property owner by providing your guests with mattress referrals.

In an earlier post, we explored the 5 reasons to sign up for a wholesale account and briefly touched on in-suite marketing as a way of generating effortless revenue for your business.

We’ve created this guide to help those in the vacation rental industry learn how in-suite marketing works, what you can do to help guests discover the perfect mattresses, and what’s included in Vacation Sleep’s Property Partner Marketing Kit.

Help Guests Find the Perfect Mattress

You’ve likely been contacted by a curious guest asking, "what type of mattress did I sleep on, and how can I get a similar one?”  

You've pointed them to your local mattress retailer, who discontinued the bed last season.

You've had to check the tags on the mattress itself to see who made it. 

You didn’t have any information handy, so you told them you’ll check your records and get back to them, taking up valuable time.

Sound like déjà vu?

Here’s the truth. Attracting guests to your vacation home or resort is no longer a “heads in beds” play.

Whether guests come for a 2-day holiday or stay a whole week on your property, they’ll want to sleep better and wake up feeling rejuvenated. And they’ll probably want to extend that experience to their bedrooms at home.

The best hotels go a step further by helping guests find the perfect mattresses for their homes. And there’s no better way to do that than sharing in-suite marketing resources from Vacation Sleep with guests.

Remember, you’re in the luxury market to provide a memorable experience for your guests beyond the normal lifestyle at home. And part of it is to help them make smart decisions regarding how they sleep.

If the usual strategy of generating massive traffic to your listings and website isn’t working, try and direct your energy to customer experience. Provide outstanding services and help guests make a new mattress purchase so they can enjoy the same experience as the mattress they slept on.

When people leave five-star reviews on your properties, you increase your bookings and max out your occupancy all season long. 


Create an Easy Revenue Stream for your Business

Want to get more returns from your vacation rental investment?

Vacation Sleep can provide you with in-suite marketing kits for each bedroom. Each guest referral that ends up in a mattress purchase earns you a tidy 25% commission. Plus, your guests receive a 10% discount on the purchase + free shipping.

Choose Your Kit
We offer two versions of our property partner marketing kits to vacation rental owners. Choose the kit that works best with your business.

We'll Print & Ship
Your property partner marketing kits are shipped absolutely free of charge to your location, office or directly to the property itself.

Display & Earn
Display your Vacation Sleep marketing materials in-suite and effortlessly earn 25% on all guest purchases.

What’s included in the Property Marketing Kit?

Our partner marketing kit includes the following:

Bedside Tent Card
A4x6" double sided tent card the size of a postcard designed for the bedside table.

Pillow Card
A large 5x8" double sided card that’s placed right on top of pillows and sheets.

Guest Binder Page
A standard 8.5x11" sheet with margins for hole-punching for properties with guest binders.

Some of our top wholesale members in the vacation industry earn thousands of dollars each year in guest referrals.


Interested in Making Money with Vacation Rentals?

Sign up for a free wholesale account and order your beds. 

Once you've placed a Vacation Sleep mattress in any bedroom, you'll receive an email prompting you to place your order for a Property Partner Marketing Kit.

Watch your revenue surge almost effortlessly.

For as long as you're a wholesale member, your guests are your customers for life. Any purchase made on the VacationSleep.com website (including furniture and bedding) will earn you 25% commission. 


Are vacation rentals a good investment?

Yes! Investing in vacation rental properties can be a smart move with good returns. The luxury market is looking up, and the economy is rebounding after the COVID-19 pandemic. The easing of travel restrictions means people are moving around and even going for holidays.

What's the best way of buying a vacation rental?

If you want to invest in vacation rental property and make money, work with a real estate agent with experience in the luxury market. An experienced agent can walk you through various Airbnb and VRBO properties that can generate steady rental income all year round, not just during peak season.

Do I need a property manager for my vacation rental property?

Yes, you do. Hiring a property manager or property management company to oversee your real estate investment property - short term rentals or vacation homes - can ensure proper cash flow and free you up to grow your business. For a small fee, they will maintain the property so it stays attractive to guests.


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